Behind Your Smile (Cantonese) – 閣浮士德的微笑
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Behind Your Smile (Cantonese) – 閣浮士德的微笑


Director:Chen Ronghui


Actors:Esther YangEugenie LiuHongshiMarcus ChangSean Lee

Genres: Chinese Drama, Chinese Drama Cantonesedub

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Behind Your Smile (Cantonese) – 閣浮士德的微笑

Zhao Yiting lives a cold and meaningless life as he tries to pursue the only goal he knows: destroying the person, who took everything from him. As he lost his father because of Lin Man, he decides to take revenge on her. At the same time, Lin Man’s daughter Xinyu returns home to surprise her mother, but the woman has fled due to numerous charges against her. Xinyu is now destitute and has an angry mob after her, so Yiting helps her, while harboring ulterior motives. However, since Xinyu is naive, gentle and kind, Yiting starts to get conflicted about his feelings for her.

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