Dream of Colours – 下一站彩虹
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Dream of Colours – 下一站彩虹


Country:Hong Kong

Actors:Kenneth MaMelissa NgMyolie WuRain LiSharon ChanTse Kwan-Ho

Genres: HK Drama

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Dream of Colours - 下一站彩虹

At the end of a fashion show, the internationally renowned fashion designer NICK YAU (TSE KWAN HO) walks onto the stage amidst rapturous applause together with top model ELAINE POON (NG MEI HENG, MELISSA), the angel of his heart who inspires him to greatness. All fabulous costumes and the brightly lit catwalk make it an enthralling show to enjoy. NICK has high expectations on new designers MICHELLE KU (WU, MYOLIE), PHOEBE LUI (LI CHOI WA, RAIN) and ELLA KWAN (CHAN MAN CHI, SHARON). MICHELLE’s grandfather KU CHUN KAU is NICK’s mentor. Because of his relationship with KAU, NICK puts even higher demands on MICHELLE. MICHELLE, PHOEBE and ELLA are talented and have great potential but there are considerable obstacles to overcome before their rise to fame. To live their dreams, they are determined to endure the hardships and to face the challenges ahead. As time goes by, NICK and MICHELLE have developed a genuine affection for each other…. ELAINE is heartbroken. But her tears are gone when a suitor MARIO LAW (SINN LAP MAN), NICK’s partner, comes to woo her. Can MARIO save her from despair?

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