Everybody says Kungdari – 모두 다 쿵따리


Episode: 120 Episodes

Director:Kim Heung Dong


Actors:Kang Suk JungKim Ho JinLee Bo HeePark Si EunSeo Hye JinSeo Sung Kwang

Genres: Korean Drama, Korean Drama Chinesesubtitles

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Everybody says Kungdari - 모두 다 쿵따리

Han Su Ho, who was once a New Yorker that enjoyed the New York life as a thriving MD of New York Stock Exchange, loses his wife through an accident. To make things worse, his daughter also suffers from thrombocytopenia. He quits everything to live in a village called Kungdari where he tries to develop a natural remedy for his daughter. Everybody Say Kungdari is a delightful rural drama which talks about what’s really important in life.

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