Fatal Move – 奪帥
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Fatal Move – 奪帥


Director:Dennis S.Y. Law

Country:Hong Kong

Actors:Danny LeeSammo HungSimon YamWu Jing

Genres: Movies

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Fatal Move - 奪帥

Triad boss Lin Ho-lung (Sammo Hung) is celebrating his son’s first birthday, a child conceived by his mistress. The party is interrupted when Police Inspector Liu Chi-chung (Danny Lee) arrives outside of the club with his colleagues, warning the gang to stop throwing any parties without the police’s consent.

Police officers raid a drug shipment involving Lin Ho-tung (Simon Yam), Lung’s right-hand man and assassin, Lok Tin-hung (Wu Jing), and Wu (Ken Lo), a drug dealer. A gunfight ensues between the police and triads, resulting in Wu’s arrest. Wu remains uncooperative with the police and his wife Tracy (Pinky Cheung) talks with Soso, threatening to have Wu expose Lung’s gang if she does not receive $20 million. Later that night, Tung and Tin-hung torture Tracy, who reveals that the threat was bogus and that her secret lover coerced her into creating a lie so she could flee with him once she had received the money. The gang executes Tracy’s lover, and breaks into police headquarters to assassinate Wu. Various police officers and Triad gang members are killed as the Triads try to escape the precinct.

It is revealed that Soso and Fat are blackmailing Lung and his gang. They orchestrate a kidnapping of Lung’s financial backer, Uncle Yu (Hui Shiu-hung). After receiving $200 million from Lung, Soso and Fat kill the hired kidnappers and Uncle Yu to cover their tracks.

Lung and Tung eventually start a war against a rival Triad gang whom they suspect is responsible for the murder. Later, Lung has a meeting with his rival, Flirt (Tam Ping-man), a gang leader who reveals he had nothing to do with Yu’s death. Tung learns about Soso and Fat’s role in Yu’s killing. Lung goes after the couple, resulting in a shootout. After Fat is eliminated, Lung catches up to Soso whom he refuses to kill, after she expresses her bitterness about her inability to conceive and Lung’s decision to have a child with a mistress. She is later arrested by the police.

Lung and Tin-hung are trapped in a warehouse and surrounded by the police outside. Knowing that they will be unable to escape, Tin-Hung mentions that he was never convinced by the stories that claim Lung was an “invincible fighter.” Lung accepts Tin-hung’s challenge. The fight ends with Lung impaling Tin-hung with a pipe. While dying, Tin-hung expresses that he forgives Lung, and hopes that he will soon join him after he dies. Refusing to surrender to the police, Lung walks out of the warehouse, armed with machine guns. He intimidates the police by firing the weapons, and is shot to death.

While Soso is serving prison time, assassins disguised as painters slit her throat. Tung attempts to flee with Lung’s mistress and their baby son. They arrive at a beach, presumably to escape via boat. Tung asks her to wait while he looks for the boat. Several shadowy figures approach the mistress. The ending is left ambiguous as the last shot of the film is a silencer aimed at Tung. It is uncertain as to who orders the assassinations.

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