From Vegas to Macau – 賭城風雲
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From Vegas to Macau – 賭城風雲


Country:Hong Kong

Actors:Chapman ToChow Yun-fatJing TianNicholas Tse

Genres: Movies

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From Vegas to Macau - 賭城風雲

Benz, his son “Cool” and nephew Ngau-Ngau are part of a team of vigilantes who rob gangsters at night and distribute the loot to the needy. However, his wife is suffering from cancer and knows nothing of their activities. Unbeknownst to all of them, Benz’s stepson Lionel, a police officer, is on a deep undercover assignment as an employee of a multinational company called DOA. It is later revealed that DOA is merely the corporate front of a large criminal syndicate and is run by the ruthless Mr. Ko. Lionel, who had a camera surgically implanted onto a contact lens which he wore so the police could track the syndicate’s activities and eventually nab them.

Meanwhile, Benz reunites with his old friend Ken, known as the “Magic Hand”. Ngau-Ngau becomes infatuated with Ken’s daughter Rainbow and is determined to win her affection, even though Ken eventually makes it known that he prefers “Cool” to date his daughter and Rainbow repeatedly rebuffs Ngau-Ngau’s efforts. Lionel realizes his cover has been blown and hides the contact lens in a stuffed teddy bear at home without his family’s knowledge. Ngau-Ngau gives the bear to Rainbow when he and “Cool” visit Ken’s house. Mr. Ko sends an assassin to Lionel’s flat, only to find Benz, who has just returned home. Benz is beaten and tortured and ends up in a coma while Lionel’s body is found later, also bearing torture marks.

Police detectives from China, Hong Kong and Macau decide to enlist the help of Ken to take down the wily and cunning Mr. Ko. Ken challenges Mr. Ko to a gambling match in hopes of provoking him into making a mistake. During the match he discovers that DOA’s assassins have attacked his house and Rainbow, “Cool” and Ngau-Ngau are inside.

Rainbow is put inside a glass tank, which has gas in it. During the match, Ken reveals that he had undergone through a surgery to implant a card sensor into his fingernail which allows the details of a certain card into the person’s brain. The people following Mr. Ko start a revolution against him after watching Lionel Messi of Barcelona score against Real Madrid, winning them. After killing them all, Mr. Ko tries finding Ken. Ken starts shooting cards in retaliation. “Cool”, is revealed to be wearing the mask of one of Mr. Ko’s crew, whom had secretly diverted the ship back towards the waters, which police are now making their way to. While making their way towards the top, “Cool” and Rainbow meets the Assassin. “Cool” and the Assassin fight, which “Cool” ends him off with a few punches to his face, making him look like a duck.

Mr. Ko starts to escape, only to be met by Ken. Ken now mercilessly shoots cards at Mr. Ko, striking him multiple times. Mr. Ko is later subdued by him, and arrested by the Police.

While Ken is doing the disciple rituals with “Cool” on the first day of the Lunar New Year at his place, “Cool” receives a call from a mysterious someone, who also shows interest to take Cool as his disciple. Ken questions Cool who is more qualified to impart his skills to him. At this moment, the doors swing open. A man in his black suit, playing with his jade ring walks into the scene. “I believe I am qualified to take him as my disciple.” This man was no other than God of Gamblers Ko Chun (from the God of Gamblers series) himself.

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