Games Gamblers Play 1974 – 鬼馬雙星
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Games Gamblers Play 1974 – 鬼馬雙星


Director:Michael Hui

Country:Hong Kong

Actors:Betty TingJames WongLisa LuiMichael HuiRicky HuiRoy ChiaoSam Hui

Genres: Movies

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Games Gamblers Play 1974 - 鬼馬雙星

Michael Hui and his brother Sam play two fellows who meet in jail. Michael is a real conman and Sam has aspirations to be one. When they get out of prison they decide to team up and hopefully make a lot of money. While discussing their plans, Sam says, “how can we fail?” Throughout the course of the film, we see all the reasons they can fail. Sam is a horrible swindler and it gets him into a lot of trouble. Playing cards with some guys, he feels very proud of himself for switching three cards. However, he fails to realize the backs of the cards are different colors. His table mates notice and beat him up. The two of them keep going for scores–never really ever learning any lessons–and finally decide to go for the big one.

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