Just Dance (Cantonese) – 舞動少女團
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Just Dance (Cantonese) – 舞動少女團

Dance Sports Girls-땐뽀걸즈


Director:Park Hyun Suk


Actors:Jang Dong YoonJoo Hae EunKim Kap SooLee Joo YoungPark Se WanShin Do Hyun

Genres: Korean Drama, Korean Drama Cantonesedub, Korean Drama Chinesesubtitles

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Just Dance (Cantonese) - 舞動少女團

This drama is based on the award-winning documentary “Dance Sports Girls“, which aired on KBS1 in 2017.

It tells the story of girls in GeojeGirl Vocational High School, who dream of different dreams while preparing to get a job at the shipyard where the restructuring has recently begun. Although their grades are low, their efforts in trying to become better dancers are not limited.

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