La Lingerie – 内衣少女
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La Lingerie – 内衣少女


Country:Hong Kong

Actors:Janice ManJJ JiaKathy YuenRonald ChengStephy Tang

Genres: Movies

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La Lingerie - 内衣少女

Aspiring designer Miu Ho is hired as a “Lingerie Researcher”, and is given the task of finding out how lingerie makes the woman, or in some cases, the other way around. After her aunt Lara unexpectedly passes away, Miu and her cousin Donut inherit a spacious, fully furnished apartment filled with designer lingerie. The two girls live upstairs from Celine, a gold digging flight attendant who has had items of underwear stolen by a mysterious thief, and after reporting the incident to the authorities becomes involved with part-time police officer James Shum. Donut works in a lingerie shop, and is involved with a much older married man, Henry, who buys her a pink bra as his first gift. Bargirl CC is a customer at Donut’s shop, and after meeting Harvard student Eugene believes that she may have found true love.

Still a virgin, Miu is determined not to end up like her unmarried aunt Lara, and resolves to find her first love. Her new colleagues warn her about the office lothario, marketing manager Lucas, but after a failed attempt to bed her the two instead become friends. Lucas tries to teach Miu how to attract men, which leads to a number of encounters with potential suitors, including sperm bank worker CY and writer Jack Dee. Eventually she ends up in a relationship with “Prince” Antonio, the narcissistic heir to her company, but an increasingly jealous Lucas realises that his feelings for Miu are genuine after all.

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