Life Art – 寫意人生
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Life Art – 寫意人生


Country:Hong Kong

Actors:Gigi LaiKevin ChengPaul Chun

Genres: HK Drama

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Life Art - 寫意人生

It’s like a source of personal enrichment, It’ll nurture your mind and spice up your life… Here you’ll find the wonders of art and literature! Young I.T. specialist FONG CHI-CHUNG RYAN (CHENG, KEVIN) encounters the talented and versatile children’s author and illustrator YAM CHI-WAH (LAI CHI, GIGI). Later CHUNG finds out that WAH is the daughter of his art and calligraphy teacher YAM CHING-CHUEN (CHUN PUI, PAUL) but that there seems to be a big gap between the father and the child. CHUNG has been overburdened with worldly fame and success and does not have much luck in love. But then a mishap that befalls CHUEN has unexpectedly improved the relationship among CHUNG, WAH and CHUEN… Will the long-standing gap between WAH and CHUEN be finally bridged? Can CHUNG win WAH’s heart and hand with his sincerity? Chinese culture can link people together and let you taste the art of life…

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