Magic to Win – 开心魔法
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Magic to Win – 开心魔法


Director:Wilson Yip

Country:Hong Kong

Actors:Karena NgLouis KooRaymond WongWu ChunWu Jing

Genres: Movies

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Magic to Win - 开心魔法

The world consists of five elements: gold, wood, water, fire and earth. In the wizard world of “Magic to Win”, the story also revolves around the “Five Element Wizardry”, portraying a story that surpasses our imagination. Kang Sengui (Raymond Wong), a university professor, is the Water Magician of “Five Elements Wizardry”. Although he uses magic spells in his daily life, his superpower remains a secret. By accident, his power is transmitted to his student, Macy (Karena), who recklessly uses her newfound powers for personal gain and money-making. When she encounters Ling Feng, the spirit of an amnesiac Earth Magician, slowly begins to realize there is more to magic than just profit. Meanwhile, Bi Yewu, a Fire Magician, sets out on a mission to capture the elemental magicians in order to open a rift in time in an attempt to change history and save his parents who perished in a fire in his youth. His search leads him to Ling Feng, Wood Magician Gu Xinyue, Metal Magician Charlie and finally Macy. The rift eventually opens and the world is put on the moment of doom.

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