See You Tomorrow – 擺渡人
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See You Tomorrow – 擺渡人


Director:Zhang Jia Jia

Country:Hong Kong

Actors:AngelababyEason ChanSandrine PinnaTakeshi KaneshiroTony Leung Chiu-Wai

Genres: Movies

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See You Tomorrow - 擺渡人

In this topsy turvy world, every city needs to have its “navigators”; especially skilled guides able to cure the world of a wide range of relationship troubles. Bar owner Chen Mo and his associate Guan Chun are legendary. Though their ways seem sloppy and uncoordinated, their results are first-rate. Supermen in the art of navigation, if you can book them, there is no river of pain they can’t take you across. Girl-next-door Xiao Yu hires them to guide her idol, troubled singer Ma Li, but in the course of helping her find the path forward, Chen Mo and Guan Chun finally face their own problems in an epic act of self-discovery that brings their lives from towering highs to withering lows.

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