Show Me the Happy – 依家有喜
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Show Me the Happy – 依家有喜


Country:Hong Kong

Actors:Annie ChungAnnie LiuAuston LamBenz HuiBernice LiuCalvin ChanCalvin LuiCatherine ChowDerek KwokJanice Ting

Genres: HK Drama

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Show Me the Happy - 依家有喜

“Family Style,” dedicated medical clinic is ran by the Chai’s family three siblings after the death of their parents. Oldest sister CHAI CHUEN (Michelle Yim) deals with all the administrative management of theclinic. Second sister and an obstetrician CHAI YUI (Teresa Mo) has highexpectations on all people and situations. Third brother and a pediatrician CHAI JEUNG (Roger Kwok) is frivolous. The three siblings treat their colleagues just like family.

In addition to the threesiblings there is retired surgeon oldest brother-in-law (Paul Chun), the accomplished plastic surgeon who is heads over heels for the second sister, the undercover pretty nurse (Bernice Liu) and the next generation family physicians and clinic staff. The complicated and subtle relationships causes different small life stories. The so-called “doctors cannot be self-doctor”, the group of elite physicians have to face their own personality flaws, human weaknesses and if you want a cure, what kind of effective strategy do you have?

The daily battle of wits in the clinic between the sisters CHUEN and YUI leaves little brother JEUNG stuck in the middle with a headache. In the early years, oldest sister CHUEN was forced to give up her doctor career and becomes a nurse to look after the family. She paid for her two younger siblings’ medical education with the money earned. When the siblings started their own family practice, the two sisters had conflicts and arguments due to their different statuses. Often questions like “Are youthe older sister or am I the older sister?” and “Are you the doctor or am I the doctor?” comes up in the arguments.

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