Sister Cupid – 天賜良緣
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Sister Cupid – 天賜良緣


Director:Guy Lai

Country:Hong Kong

Actors:Carol ChengJacky CheungMaggie CheungNatalis ChanPat HaTang Pik-wan

Genres: Movies

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Sister Cupid - 天賜良緣

Kam Yu-yee (Carol Cheng) and Kam Kat-cheung (Jacky Cheung) are siblings orphaned at a young age and were dependent on one another since. Yu-yee is a madame of a nightclub who is dedicated in her job is very loving towards her younger brother although she has never been fond of Kat-cheung’s girlfriend, Jackie (Pat Ha), who he had met since childhood. In order to retaliate against Yu-yee, Jackie instigates a plan to elope with Kat-cheung, but they end up in a traffic accident on their way and rolled down a mountain slope where Kat-cheung was rescued by a dead spirit who has entrenched for two decades. Since Jackie failed to elope with Kat-cheung, she moves next door to him instead and calls her cousin, Benjamin (Natalis Chan) to retaliate against Yu-yee, much to the annoyance to Kat-cheung. Aside from battling Jackie, Yu-yee also wishes to seek a breakthrough in her career and spends major efforts pleasing her boss, Big Sister (Tang Pik-wan). Big Sister dearly misses her only daughter, Yuk, who drowned to death twenty years ago and holds a dance party annually to commemorate her. To please her boss, Yu-yee suggests to Big Sister she should plan a ghost marriage for Yuk and Yu-yee is tasked to find a ghost son in-law for Big Sister. As the completion time of her task is getting close, Yu-yee gives her brother’s birthday and eight characters of horoscope and a jar of peanut powder posing as bone ashes to Big Sister for the ghost marriage. At the night of the wedding, Kat-cheung unknowingly gets drunk in big sister’s mansion and sees Yuk dressed in a wedding dress and having deja vu of meeting Yuk before and spend the night together.

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