Sniper Standoff – 神鎗狙擊
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Sniper Standoff – 神鎗狙擊


Country:Hong Kong

Actors:Alice ChanEddie CheungEliza SamKate TsuiKathy ChauLee Kwok LunMichael TseWilliam Chak

Genres: HK Drama

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Sniper Standoff - 神鎗狙擊

Sniper LEEHO-YEUNG (Michael Tse) left the Special Duties Unit as he failed in an operation, and since then he has gradually developed personal enmity towards his co-worker and good friend KO TSUN-KIN (Eddie Cheung).

HO-YEUNG turns into a yacht merchant and then becomes a president of a Firearms Association, colluding with organised crime syndicates on the sly.  Taking advantage of the trust laid upon him by a detective of the Organised Crime and Triad Bureau, SHEUNG KOON MING-CHU (Kate Tsui), he has quite a grasp on police operations that raid on the crime syndicates.  On top of that, with his girlfriend LAI CHUN (Eliza Sam) being a member of the Special Duties Unit, HO-YEUNG gains first-move advantage in all respects.   On the flip side, TSUN-KIN has been kept inthe dark for the whole time, until he finds there is something  suspicious regarding the criminal’s modus operandi in several murder cases.  Later on, owing to a money laundering case,  HO-YEUNG deliberately approaches TSUN-KIN’s good friend, WONG YEUK-LING (Kathy Chau), who learns that TSUN-KIN was the sniper who shot her in the head many years ago.  Without anyone noticing,  a tense standoff between the brothers is about to unfold.

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