The Golden Eyes – 黃金瞳

黄金瞳官微 / Golden Pupil / 黄金瞳 / Huáng Jīn Tóng


Episode: 56 Episode


Genres: Chinese Drama

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The Golden Eyes - 黃金瞳

It is said that only individuals with the “spirit language” (言灵 in Chinese and Kotodama in Japanese) can possess a pair of Golden Eyes. A simple pawn shop worker, Zhuang Rui (Zhang Yixing) had his own eyes mutated after an accident while he was dealing with some ancient bronze and ceramic. His mutated eyes subsequently brought many changes to his life in many unexpected ways he could ever imagined. His new life started after he adopted the pair of special eyes and his spiritual adventure began. The dragon clan are the only individuals who have access to this power and Chuzi is the only person apart from the dragon clan who can utilise this magic power. However, Chuzi’s level of mastery over the pair of golden eyes is not equal to that of the two brothers from the dragon clan, Lu Mingfei and Lu Weizhe, who are also bestowed with this magical gift

《黃金瞳》是根據打眼的同名小說改編的都市探險劇 。該劇講述了在典當行工作的小職員莊睿,在一次意外中眼睛發生異變,隨後展開以文化鑑寶為主題的冒險之旅 。原本平凡無奇的典當行職員莊睿在一個午夜突遇劫案,在與劫匪的周旋之中被一塊碎玉擊傷,傷癒後卻發現自己已然來到了人生的分水嶺。被命運選中的莊睿(張藝興飾)自此走上了一段傳奇的冒險之旅。在探究宿命真相的道路上,莊睿持續努力,…

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