The Tale of Nokdu – 조선로코 녹두전

Mung Bean Chronicles / The Joseon Romantic Comedy: Tale of Nok-Du


Episode: 32 Episodes

Director:Kim Dong Hwi


Actors:Jang Dong YoonJo Soo HyangKang Tae OhKim So HyunSong Gun Hee

Genres: Korean Drama, Korean Drama Chinesesubtitles

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The Tale of Nokdu - 조선로코 녹두전

This drama is based on webcomic “Nokdujeon” by Hye Jin Yang which was published from 2014-Dec-16 to 2018-July-31 via

Setin Joseon dynasty, the series is about a man who disguises as a woman to enter a mysterious women-only village; and a young woman who does notwant to become a kisaeng.

Jun Nok Du (Jang Dong Yoon)is the son of a noble family. He is not happy that his family has arranged for him to marry a young girl. To avoid the marriage, Jun Nok Du runs away from home. He disguises himself as a woman and goes to a widow village. There, he meets Dong Dong Joo (Kim So Hyun)who is an apprentice to become a gisaeng. She does not want to become agisaeng, but Dong Dong Joo doesn’t have a choice. She happens to know that Jun Nok Du is not a woman and she hears the reason why he is hidingin the widow village. Jun Nok Du saves Dong Dong Joo from a dangerous situation. She becomes Jun Nok Du’s adopted daughter and he decides to live in the widow village for 1 year.

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