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The Legend of Hao Lan (Cantonese) - 皓鑭傳

The Legend of Hao Lan depicts the fights between the Qin and the Zhao state towards the end of the Warring States period. After Zhao’s imperial censor Li He gets caught in a trap and goes bankrupt, his daughter Li Hao Lan (Wu Jin Yan) is sold to Lü Bu Wei (Nie Yuan). Bu Wei will later offer her to the King of Qin Sun Yi Ren (Mao Zi Jun) who is held hostage in Zhao’s palace. Bu Wei and Hao Lan enter the palace where they have to outwit Princess Ya (Hai Ling) and others who try to harm them.

《皓鑭傳》(英文:Beauty Hao Lan)一劇以戰國晚期為背景,故事圍繞秦趙兩國鬥爭而展開。趙國御史之女李皓鑭(吳謹言 飾)因家族鬥爭而流落異鄉,被商人呂不韋(聶遠 飾)買下,獻給當時的秦國質子嬴異人(茅子俊 飾)。李皓鑭積極尋求改變命運、呂不韋一心想成為人中之王、嬴異人迫切需要返回秦國,三人為不同目的而結盟,聯手在戰國歷史洪流中追求各自理想。