When Dreams Come True – 夢想成真
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When Dreams Come True – 夢想成真


Country:Hong Kong

Actors:Cutie MuiDavid LuiJackie LuiJessica Hsuan

Genres: HK Drama

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When Dreams Come True - 夢想成真

Po Ka Shing (Lui Fong), Lee Sheung (Lui Chung Yin, Jackie) and Yip Yee Mong (Mui Siu Wai) are old friends who have not seen each other for 18 years. They meet again in a millennium gathering and discover that they still have nothing after all these years. Sheung therefore suggests opening a company that helps others to fulfill their dreams. They name it “Dreams Come True”. Their first customer is an over-bearing, married woman, Cheung Mei Chun (Hsuan Jessica Hester) who requests them to get back the sweet, loving feelings between her and her husband, Yuen Man Tak (Kwok Yiu Ming, Mark). While trying to carry out the task, they discover that Tak commits adultery. Chun and Tak eventually break up. As a result, Chun refuses to pay the bill. While they are arguing with each other for this, the three discover that Chun is one of their long-lost friends during childhood. Chun therefore decides to join the company. Chun is a mean woman and others always have negative comments on her. However, Shing has discovered her tender-heart while she tries to express her true feelings in front of Tak. Shing is touched by her devotion to love and gradually falls in love with her. At the same time, Tak discovers that Chun is the granddaughter of the millionaire Wong Hei Hing (Chor Yuen). In order to get a share of Hing’s asset, Tak tries to reconcile with Chun. Chun is caught in a dilemma but she finally chooses Shing for his unconditional love. Knowing that his plan doesn’t work, Tak tries to cheat Hing with a falsely claimed granddaughter. He also uses money to deprave Sheung… Will Sheung betray his friends and leave the company? How would their friendship and love relationships develop?

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